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StarSet Ear Tip Kit

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StarSet Supra Ear Tip Kit
MSRP: $7.45
Price: 6.45
You will receive this product within 5 working days unless other arrangements ar
Item Number: 06448-00
Manufacturer: Plantronics, Inc.
Manufacturer Part No: 06448-00
The eartip kit provides 6 sizes from very small to very large. Selecting the right size is extremely important. Most StarSet users want to use the very smalles eartip so they can get it all the way itno their ear canal. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do! Do not jam the eartip into your canal! Instead, take the largest eartip, size five or six and lay it into the ear opening, perpendicular to the ear canal. The very tip of the eartip should be introduced in the mouth of the canal so there is a seal around the small hole at the tip.